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With weekly circulation of nearly 270,000, MidWeek is Oahu’s most read weekly publication, delivered to nearly every Oahu home via second class mail. Readers consistently say that they like MidWeek because it provides “good news” and “local news.” MidWeek mixes a variety of local columnists covering everything from politics to entertainment to medicine to sports to dining and cooking. Mixed in are nationally recognized syndicated columnists. Between local and national writers, MidWeek publishes opinions from right to left and all points in between.

MidWeek is especially local when it comes to photos. In any given week, the paper publishes more than 100 photos, making MidWeek a virtual community photo album.

According to Nielsen-Scarborough, 313,000 Oahu adults read the publication on a weekly basis. As a sign of MidWeek’s popularity, more than 50 percent of readers voluntarily return “requester cards” with no inducement other than to continue receiving the paper.

With such a powerful reach, MidWeek is a major advertising vehicle. MidWeek is home to the most preprint inserts in the market, it’s where readers look for their grocery inserts and coupons every week. Whether a big chain retailer or a small local business, advertisers get results, which is why so many advertisers have been with the paper for many years. Readers consistently say that as much as they enjoy the editorial content, they also read the paper “for the ads.”

MidWeek celebrated its 30th year in 2014.

On June 9, 2010 MidWeek introduced MidWeek Kauai, delivered to every Kauai home via second class mail.

Reader Profile
Demographic Statistics
Household Income (HHLD) $84,646
College Graduate 28%
Married 55%
Own Residence 67%
Source: Nielsen Scarborough 2019 Release 2 – Base is total Oahu adults