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Hawaii Marketplace

Hawaii is fondly known as Paradise for many reasons. A perfect harmony of warm weather, panoramic scenery, water recreation, affable people and vibrant culture make the islands an ideal destination for visitors and residents alike. Hawaii has a total population of 1.42 million.

Once a primarily agricultural economy, Hawaii has since evolved into a modern business center. With 9.8 million visitors to the islands last year, tourism is by far the largest industry. Federal defense expenditures also represent a large segment of the economy. By virtue of its unique strategic location, the state is the central headquarters for all U.S. armed forces in the Pacific Rim region. The successful blend of agriculture, tourism, and military, along with other growing industries such as telecommunications, film and television, make for a diverse and healthy economic environment.

The island of Oahu is known as “The Gathering Place” and is the most populous of the Hawaiian Islands with over 974,563 residents. Honolulu, state capital and commercial center of the islands, is located on the southeast shore of the island.

Compared to the total U.S. Population, Oahu residents are higher-educated, have greater household incomes, and are more diverse.